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  • Our Speakers

    In this year’s 6th YAMAN Congress, we invited esteemed speakers from reputable companies in the Geosciences and Minerals industry to present their knowledge and their experience to enrich the participants of the 67th ANMSEC.

  • The Student Congress

    Get to know the Philippine Youth Association for Responsible Mining and Natural Resources (YAMAN Philippines), an organization leading the transformation of the youth for the promotion of responsible mining and protection of natural resources.

  • Our Associates

    The 67th ANMSEC will not be possible without the support of our partners, sponsors, and exhibitors. Learn more about the companies and organizations that continue to uphold the importance of safety and the environment in the industry.

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Philippine Mine Safety and Environment Association (PMSEA)
Main Office: 306 JBD Plaza, No. 65 Mindanao Ave., Brgy. Pag Asa, Quezon City
A Quiet Spirit is a Steadfast Presence

The Pusong Minero in the Time of the Pandemic

Welcome to the 67th Annual Mine Safety and Environment Conference, aptly themed, Quiet Heroes of the Pandemic.

As ANMSEC pivots to the virtual sphere, we train the spotlight on the numerous ways that our industry continues to help our fellow-Filipinos cope with the challenges and difficulties brought about by the pandemic.

Pusong Minero continues to be at the forefront of helping our stakeholders who find themselves in difficult situations because of COVID-19. As we learn to navigate the new normal of doing business, we need to ensure that the people who depend on us are cared for.

As in its previous editions, ANMSEC 2021 integrates the activities of our stakeholders by the consistent commitment of our industry to responsible mining, albeit in the virtual space. Without our usual parade, networking events, field competitions and other face-to-face events, we expect our 67th run to be quiet. We will definitely miss the cacophony of sounds (cheers, laughter, conversations) that herald ANMSEC each year, the virtual highway will definitely be abuzz with what we have in-store for our friends, supporters, sponsors, partners and the general public —relevant updates from government, sharing of best practices in safety and health by involving the best mining companies and miners!

The information highway allows us to widen our reach and expand scope. And so, let us make some virtual noise so that we can share with all how our quiet presence has been steadily making people’s lives better.

My sincerest gratitude to all our partners, supporters, sponsors and participants.

Once again, welcome to ANMSEC 2021 – the virtual edition.

Walter W. Brown Ph.D.
Philippine Mines Safety and Environment Association (PMSEA)