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Coral Bay Nickel Corporation (CBNC) turned over one thousand (1,000) units of transistor radios and internet connectivity support materials to the Department of Education (DepEd) Bataraza Districts which shifted to radio-based instruction due to the pandemic.

The equipment addressed several learning gaps by providing communication access to the teachers and poorest of the poor students in the Municipality of Bataraza, Palawan.

“We are truly grateful for your support in the delivery of learning modality during the pandemic. Learning must be continued even with thepandemic,” said Edna Cabuhat, a supervisor in DepEd Bataraza District 1.

Ms. Cabuhat assured that CBNC’s assistance will go a long way as the students with most communications equipment need will receive the transistor radios.

Forty-two (42) Wi-Fi broadband and 706 load cards worth Php 300 were also distributed to the teachers to help in their virtual-related activities.

“We are really grateful that we have a stakeholder like CBNC who constantly supports us, especially during the pandemic. We need all the help that we can get,” said Juanito Madalogdog, principal of Rio Tuba National High School.

In addition, CBNC also supported the distance learning needs of the DepEd Bataraza Districts by providing heavy-duty printers, risograph machines, and loads of bond papers. Moreso, the company established seven (7) radio-based instruction facilities during the second half of 2020. More than Php 1 million was spent on this project.

CBNC operates a metallurgy processing plant and is implementing a total of Php 196 million worth of social development projects this year. The majority of this goes to education-related programs. One of its highly-funded activities in education is the provision of scholarship grants which registers at Php 4 million every month. To date, CBNC has supported more than 1,000 college graduates since the program started in 2004.

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